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Manage Schedules

xConnect supports a robust scheduling engine that allows you to automate pipeline execution on a hourly, daily, or weekly basis.


As of May, 2023 release, Manage Schedules is an experimental feature and may contain bugs. Report any issues found to

Accessing Scheduling

1. Log in as a power user

2. Ensure experimental features is enabled for your account:


3. Click on the "Schedules" menu item in the "Workflows" section


Upon navigating to the manage schedules page, you will see a list of all active schedules.


Creating/Updating a schedule

Schedules currently are supported for pipeline automations only. Please see piplines for more information. You can create a new schedule by clicking the "New Schedule" button on the Manage Schedules page.

1. Upon clicking the "New Schedule" button, the schedule editor will appear. This is a form that allows you to set up a recurring or one-time schedule:


2. There are currently two types of schedules: 1) One-Time, which is meant to be run one time only, and 2) Recurring, which will run on a hourly, daily, or weekly basis.

3. Fill in all required fields and press save, this will create the schedule that can be then assigned to a pipeline.

See below for notes on the various uses of this functionality.


  1. The "UTC Time?" field will drive whether to use the agent's local time, or UTC. This will impact when the pipelines are run.