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Manage Devices

The device management page allows you to modify, disable, or remove any IP Device, Camera or generic device that's being monitored by xConnect. Note: you cannot remove a server or gateway from this interface.

Accessing Device Management

1. Log in as a power user

2. Click on the settings icon on the header menu

Side Navigation

3. Click on the "Devices" menu item in the "Manage" section

Side Navigation

Exporting list of devices

You can export your complete list of devices to CSV by clicking the export button

Side Navigation

Removing, Enabling or Disabling Devices

You can remove, disable or re-enable a disabled device by using the checkboxes on the left side of the grid and the action buttons on the table header.

Removing a device will cause the device and associated telemetry to be removed from the system.

Disabling a device will remove the device from the left-side menu and you will no longer receive alerts for that device.

Enabling a device will make it appear on the side menu again. NOTE: You will have to set up any custom events/alerts again if this was disabled prior.