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The Dashboard is hosted by Arrow and is accessible at

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Gaining Access

The Web Client Dashboard can be accessed at the following URL:

You will need to be onboarded by the xConnect Administration team to access the Web Client Dashboard. This process is initiated by your Seneca account manager

Once onboarded, you will be emailed login instructions.

When launching the URL, you will be prompted to enter your username and password. This is the account provided by the xConnect Administration team or your account owner.

Server/Device Organizational Hierarchy

The organizational structure of your customers and their respective servers and devices are very important to understand.

This organization is integral to simplifying configuration of Events and Alerts and the correct visualization of objects in your dashboard screens.

There are 2 levels to the organizational hierarchy: Customer, Device Type or Labels

Level 1 – Customer

These are managed and configured via the Manage Customers screen.

Level 2 – Device Type or Labels

Device Type Organization

By default, your devices will be grouped by the type of device (eg. Server, Media Player, etc.) within each customer.


You can enable label organization for your devices, but it requires configuration. A label can either be an arbitrary "tag" that can be applied to a device, or it can be automatically set based on a defined criteria. For example, you can have a label that all devices with "ACME-" in the device name is labeled as ACME Devices.


Additional dashboard and configuration documentation is available within the Usage Guide section of this documentation library.