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Bookmarks are a marker that can be placed on any customer, server or device that will make it appear on the Bookmarks menu. This can be completely customized and managed by the power user. Bookmarks are visible across all users of the account, end users cannot remove or add bookmarks.

Accessing Bookmarks

You can access bookmarks by clicking the bookmark icon on the header menu:

Side Navigation

Once there you will see a complete list of your bookmarked assets. Upon clicking the asset, you will be taken to the appropriate dashboard.

Side Navigation

Adding or Removing a Bookmark via Side Menu

You can add or remove a bookmark by going to left-side menu, and hovering over the object you would like to bookmark. Upon hovering over your desired device or customer, you will see the edit icons:

Side Navigation

Clicking the bookmark icon Side Navigation will enable or disable the bookmark.

Side Navigation = Disabled bookmark (will not appear on your bookmark list)

Side Navigation = Enabled bookmark (will appear on your bookmark list)

You can add or remove any bookmark for a specific device by leveraging the search menu. Type in your search term and hit enter, this will provide a list of any devices that match your criteria:

Side Navigation

Once one or more devices are listed in the search results, leverage the icon on the right side to enable or disable the bookmark.